Welcome to your Youniverse, the #1 spacial fashion brand. We make special clothes for spacial people. Here you can find limited edition tees made in Europe by wonderful humans. We hope to conquer the galaxy but we will be happy if it’s just your wardrobe.

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Spacial jewelry collection.

Our spacial jewels are full of magic and meaning. In this first collection the symbol of harmony is our spacial guest. Yin yang represents the balance between two opposite energies that coexist. The Ying does not exist without the Yang and vice versa. In the same way that light cannot exist without darkness. Learn to embrace the cosmic dualities of life with these very spacial earrings. They are available in two color combinations. Get the one you like the most.

You are kabuki collection.

Our new collection is called You are kabuki. Why kabuki? Many of you will know this kind of peculiar Japanese theatre full of drama and eye-catching makeup. The word "kabuki" is believed to derive from the verb kabuku, which means "to lean", or "to be out of the ordinary". So the meaning of kabuki would be "avant-garde" or "bizarre" theatre. If we love something in Youniverse, it is different, magical and spacial stuff. Therefore, this concept goes great with our new collection that pays tribute to the Japanese country.

Each t-shirt tells us a story, some are about mystical legends and others about elements of Japanese culture. The important thing is that it is sustainable fashion designed in Spain and manufactured in Portugal, the quality of the cotton is incredible and they are 100% spacial.

We have chosen white and beige because those are the tones that match any self-respecting jean. And as elements we have dragons, tigers, carps and our favorite monster, Godzilla.

You are spacial collection.

Now that you are asking, we will tell you the secrets of our You are spacial collection.

First of all, we have to confess our little obsession with the space. Why are we crazy about the space? In Youniverse we are curious and noisy. We love the stars and we have watched a lot of science fiction. We want to believe like Mulder and we think the truth is out there and so is the magic.

Are you a Japan fan? If the answer is yes we have a lot in common. Japan is a country of contrasts, there is no doubt about it. In one hand we have the spiritual world, the minimalism and zen culture and in the other hand we have crazy neon cities with robots and cute kawaii stuff. We blame Blade Runner for showing us this spacial world.

Our colors are part of a super-palette (red, blue, white and black). Why did we pick those? You can ask Batman, Wonderwoman or Spiderman why they chose them.

We mix the cool Japan factor, the magic of outer space and our super colors and the result is so spacial. We hope to conquer the galaxy but we will we happy if it’s just your wardrobe.

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