Camiseta T-shirt Red Moon


Curious...right? if you are here, you are not like everyone else. It means you are looking for something different and that’s why we think you are spacial.

Thinking about you brings to our minds those songs about girls we don’t know. Girls who leave a mark and can inspire a whole song full of feelings.

Made about you. Quality and comfort are simply words that you deserve. From Europe to your galaxy, we send you thoughtful clothes to make you feel really spacial.

We are about you. No doubt our goal is to make you happy and that means we will put our soul in anything you need. It sounds so Pixar of us, but you have a friend in us.

Science fact: the center of our youniverse is you.

Camiseta T-shirt Red Moon

You can be the change.

Did you know that 38% of the environmental impact that a garment has during its life cycle is in your hands?

This are good news because a high percentage of this impact depends on you. Here we give you some tips so you can make a difference and help our planet.

Wash only dirty clothes.
You will safe energy, water and detergent. Besides your clothes will last way longer.

Don’t use the dryer.
Hang your clothes to dry. Doing this you can reduce 35% of energy and you will redecorate your house.

Reduce the temperture.
If you use cold water you save energy and also give extra life to your clothes, as the heat wears off the fibers of the fabric.

Use the iron only when you need it.
You can reduce 20% of energy. We are not lazy, wrinkles are in fashion.

Fill the washing machine before each wash.
If you can't, use the "economic" programs that save water and energy.

Camiseta T-shirt Red Moon

Second spacial life.

Giving clothes a second chance is one of the keys to caring for the planet. When you no longer want a garment we advise you to follow these steps.

Give your clothes more life.
According to the environmental organization Greenpeace, if everybody stretches the useful life of their garments from one to two years, they would reduce polluting emissions by 24%.

Transform your garment.
Give a new touch to your garment by personalizing. Sometimes a cut or embroidery can transform something old-fashioned into something new. Remember that trends always come back.

Give it a new use.
If the garment is comfortable you can always use it to be at home, be a new pajama or if you are an artist you can wear it as a battle uniform. When you can not take it anymore you we can use it as a rag to clean the house.

Exchange your clothes.
Meet with your friends or family and bring the things you don't want. What has lost its shine for someone can be a treasure for another.

Recycle and donate.
Take your clothes to second hand stores or donate to those who need it. You can also take them to recycling points.