About us.

Welcome to your Youniverse, the #1 spacial fashion brand. We make special clothes for spacial people. Here you can find limited edition tees made in Europe by wonderful humans. We hope to conquer the galaxy but we will be happy if it’s just your wardrobe.

Camiseta T-shirt Red Moon
Special clothes for spacial people


This is a short story of dreams mixed with reality and spacial effects.

It's scary to leave your comfort zone and have dreams that drive you crazy to finally do it. So we close our eyes. We breathe deeply. We put on the Superman cape. And we jump.

Now comes the adrenaline rush that fills us with courage, energy and a desire to pour our entire soul on this. For us this is the space. A place to face the unknown. Please George Clooney, don't let us fall in the void. For us it’s time to say goodbye to our savings and pray to the universe. Time to make our dreams come true but being awake. Time to land on our new planet: Youniverse, a place for spacial people.

Youniverse in the world



Authenticity is power We know that you don’t want to be ordinary because it’s so boring and it isn’t in your nature. We believe in limited edition tees and spacial people who wants to wear it. Every tee has a little story behind and some secrets to unfold. 

Youniverse in the world

Made in Europe. Sustainability is the right answer. Our factory uses the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices available. We are really happy that we can design in Spain and make our limited tees in Portugal, our neighbor, and we can pay a visit whenever we want and bring some cookies. The costs are different but we sleep really well at night. 

Youniverse in the world

Slow fashion is our jam. Fast fashion is hard on the environment, so we prefer to make less quantity to reach our spacial people and give them something finite, exclusive and affordable. Although we like to explore the galaxy and have new stuff, we have to take care of our planet because is the most liveable for the human race and some aliens. 

Youniverse in the world

Shopping experience must be great. Through all the process of developing the brand, we kept you in mind. We are watching you ;) . We want to make your life easier and if you have any opinion or suggestion please let us know. We love to know about you. We want to improve at all levels. 


Life could be spacial. We love, love, love to open gifts. During the unboxing experience, even knowing what is inside, we have chills. So we hope that our clothes cause the same effect on you because you are spacial. 

Youniverse in the world

we love.

  • Fun nights with unexpected stories.
  • Endless trips with lovely people.
  • Dark chocolate and weird friends to share our laughts with (not the chocolate).
  • Heartbreaking songs with fearless attitude.
  • Spacial clothes with deep personality.
  • And of course we love you. Because you read all this.

You are spacial.