You are spacial

Why are we crazy about the space? In Youniverse we are curious and noisy. We love the stars and we have watched a lot of science fiction. We want to believe like Mulder and we think the truth is out there and so is the magic.

Are you a Japan fan? If the answer is yes we have a lot in common. Japan is a country of contrasts, there is no doubt about it. In one hand we have the spiritual world, the minimalism and zen culture and in the other hand we have crazy neon cities with robots and cute kawaii stuff. We blame Blade Runner for showing us this spacial world.

Our colors are part of a super-palette (red, blue, white and black). Why did we pick those? You can ask Batman, Wonderwoman or Spiderman why they chose them. We mix the cool Japan factor, the magic of outer space and our super colors and the result is so spacial. We hope to conquer the galaxy but we will we happy if it’s just your wardrobe.